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Beijing Xingming Lake Jinyan Hotel, located in Banbidian Forset Park, Daxing District, is a four-star hotel in the south of Beijing offering a wide range of accommodation, catering, conference and recreation services to both domestic and foreign guests. Only 15 kilometers away from Daxing International Airport,The hotel enjoys a 

convenient transportation and guests can reach us by taking Jingtai Highway, Jingkai Highway or the South-Central Axis.

The hotel has 355 beds in 213 guest rooms and suites of various standards, including standard rooms, single rooms, business suites, apartment rooms, and villas,to meet your different accommodation needs; 

Xingming Lake has two restaurants, a 24-hour buffet restaurant and a banquet restaurant, which can accommodate 300 people at the same time. serve authentic chines specialties ranging from Su Hang cuisine, Northern cuisine to Xingming Lake styles.

We have 10 fully equipped conference rooms of different sizes and a 500-seat exhibition hall.The recreational and recreational projects in the hotel include swimming pool tennis, badminton, table tennis, billiards, KTV, etc., as well as a 24-hour gym; 
a wealth of fitness programs can let you release stress and relax in sports and competitions.

Beijing Xingming Lake Jinyan Hotel is an ideal place for the guests to escape from the noisy city and embrace health and nature. We welcome you with fresh air, elegant environment and first-class service!